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Holitna IO Services specializes in turn-key Initial Outfitting and Transition Planning (IO&T) services for government and commercial clients alike. Our team of specialists possess the expertise to rapidly respond to project requirements, meet project schedule constraints, and provide IO&T services for even the most complex medical treatment facilities projects worldwide. Holitna IO Services handles every aspect of design, facility planning, procurement, and installation. We also understand the systems and equipment that make healthcare facilities unique: medical equipment, clinical casegoods, communication systems, resource protection systems, furniture and furnishings, artwork, and signage. Holitna IO Services' IO&T services include cradle-to-grave project management, transition planning, medical equipment planning, comprehensive interior design, artwork, signage, resource protection, information technology, communication systems, procurement, warehousing, delivery, installation, inventory, warranty support services, public relations and media support, DRMO, and product training services. By working with Holitna IO Services, clients receive standardized execution, design flexibility, minimized lead times, and the peace of mind that their project will be complete on time and on budget.


Holitna IO Services’ Project Managers are experts at planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Our clients receive standardized execution, design flexibility, minimized lead times, and the ability to complete projects on schedule and on budget with minimal disruption to operations. Our Project Management Professionals:

  • Ensure Project Scope and Schedule
  • Develop and Maintain IO Budgets
  • Lead Project Meetings / User Interviews
  • Verify / Coordinate Utility Requirements
  • Oversee Quality Control / Change Management
  • Ensure Compliance with HIPAA Guidelines
  • Conduct Inventory Review / Create Reuse Plans
  • Supervise Procurement: Cut Sheets / Quotes / Vendor Coordination
  • Coordinate Product: Delivery / Installation / Storage / Warranty Support
  • Manage Project Reporting / IO Submittals / Project Close-Out


Holitna IO Services’ Transition Planners are experts at identifying key project milestones and risks in order to develop accurate project schedules and move plans for even the most complex government healthcare facility relocations. Our transition planners are skilled in move preparation and have experience compiling detailed move manuals and orientation programs to ensure that our clients are familiar with the new site, services, systems, and relocation schedule. Our Transition Planners:

  • Create Departmental Transition Plans
  • Create Room-by-Room Transition Plans
  • Conduct Operational Readiness Assessments
  • Develop Security / Delivery / Installation Plans
  • Develop Storage / Warehousing Plans
  • Ensure Compliance with HIPAA Guidelines
  • Develop Excessing Plans / Cleanup Plans
  • Facilitate Testing / Inspections / Acceptance
  • Implement a Move Help Desk


Holitna IO Services’ Medical Equipment Planners are experts at working with general contractors, biomedical engineers, and healthcare facility staff to deliver optimal medical equipment solutions for each IO&T project. Our Medical Equipment Planners:

  • Conduct Asset Life Expectancy Analysis
  • Create Equipment Reuse Plans
  • Compile RFID Tagged Inventories
  • Determine Requirements for Medical Space Planning
  • Specify Medical Equipment
  • Oversee Product Procurement
  • Coordinate Vendor Training / Warranty Support
  • Facilitate Equipment Testing / Certification


Holitna IO Services’ Interior Designers have a successful track record of working in accordance with federal government and healthcare interior design guidelines, as well as within the private sector with commercial clients. Our Certified Interior Designers:

  • Conduct User Interviews
  • Create Asset Inventories / Reuse Plans
  • Specify Furniture / Clinical Casegoods / Modular Wall Systems
  • Ensure Code Compliance
  • Determine Requirements for Space Planning
  • Create Comprehensive Interior Design (CID) / Artwork / Signage Packages
  • Oversee Product Procurement
  • Coordinate Vendor Training / Warranty Support
  • Support LEED Initiatives


Holitna IO Services’ Low Voltage Consultants are experts at designing resource protection systems in government healthcare and corporate environments. Our resource protection specialists plan, design, and develop requirements for the following systems under IO&T contracts:

  • Physical Security
  • Force Protection/Duress
  • Access Control
  • Infant Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Refrigerator / Freezer Alarms


Holitna IO Services' Information Technology (IT) and Audio Visual Integration Specialists (AV) are experts at converting our client’s needs into sophisticated IT and AV systems within government, healthcare, conference room, education, and office environments. Systems commonly provided under IO&T contracts include:

  • Telephony
  • Premise Distribution
  • Nurse Call
  • Paging
  • Intercom
  • AV
  • EMS Radio
  • Closed Circuit Television


Holitna IO Services’ Public Relations and Media Support Specialists are experts at keeping facility staff and the public informed and comfortable throughout IO&T projects. Holitna IO Services also provides clients with ceremonial support and commodity procurement services. Our PR specialists utilize effective marketing campaigns composed of:

  • Informative Newsletters / Trifolds
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Blasts
  • Electronic Newsletter Articles
  • Posters
  • Storyboards
  • Temporary Wayfinding
  • Ceremonial Programs / Invitations


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